DERIVADOS VÍNICOS, Number 1 in America
Derivados Vínicos S.A. is the leading integrated distillery in America, located in Palmira in the Mendoza Province, the most important wine-producing region of Argentina and Capital of Malbec. On a site of 167 hectares in the foothills of the Andes, DVSA groups together a workshop of calcium tartrate and tartaric acid, a grape seed oil production plant and a distillery of alcohol.

This tool recycles more than 130 000 t of by-products of vinification (marc, lees) to give birth to the product line « Fruto de la Viña ». « Fruto de la Viña »\" is a registered trademark and a guarantee of quality for consumers worldwide.

DVSA is now an integrated distillery whose model rests on two pillars:

- A strong focus on quality, backed by over 70 years of experience;
- Concrete actions for sustainable development

These two approaches are formally certified ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 140001 (Environmental Management System)